Member of the team of the Aprisco de Las Corchuelas, with formation in gardening, agriculture and forest sciences, working as research assistant in the field and the lab

My chance to work at Las Corchuelas is a small success story for me.

I grew up a few kilometres away, at a very similar place, which led me to appreciate the dehesa, this peculiar ecosystem, and all of us who are part of it. Based on my appreciation of the dehesa, I decided to study Forestry and to dedicate my professional live to this ecosystem.

With my work within the research activities at Las Corchuelas I can contribute to achieve a sustainable use of this rural environment, including an improvement of the human interventions in this ecosystem.

There is no doubt, my aim is to contribute to the development of more life and more sustainable living in this area. And I strongly believe in research and education as the tools to make it possible.