Member of the team Aprisco de Las Corchuelas, educator with formation and experience in respectful methods of coaching for children, including the forest school methodology. Responsible for the activities of children’s education at the Aprisco de Las Corchuelas

In my journey through the world of education, I have discovered the beauty of accompanying children with respect and love, surprise and acceptance, spontaneity and security, discovery and trust, laughter and crying, confusion and sincerity. I realised that, as a companion, I have to look inside me in order to present myself in a transparent manner and to work on myself in order to achieve coherence between my actions and me.

In my own small school, La Casa del Mar (Tarifa), we all learn together in a process of continuous change and deep rooting towards the discovery of the true essence of each person. In my view, it is the experience in and with nature that is the way to go.

I studied pedagogy to understand an educational model with which I did not agree. The surprise was not so much that this training did not give me an answer to my concerns but rather the perspectives it opened for my personal and professional growth. In my tireless search to feel comfortable in my role as a childhood companion, I worked to de-train myself from what I had acquired and didn’t fit with me, and to find other respectful ways with which I felt comfortable, knowing the great responsibility of my role. I began to investigate, participate and study different movements of alternative pedagogy and there…I took off….

This is the situation where I find myself, at the moment, offering respectful spaces for children, making nature our teacher, a place to enjoy and learn. My role at the Aprisco de Las Corchuelas is to share my knowledge and my perspective, help this project offering great possibilities to children, and develop the great potential it has.